Blogging is like SEX. It can be highly addictive,  satisfying and you can do it with different person of any sex or you can do it all by yourself. And you can even make a living blogging with strangers.

I love to lock myself in my room ogling at my PC and whacking my keyboard away, doing my  BLOG-job. And I always come back for more. It’s so gratifying to intercourse with so many bloggers out there, waiting to be blogged. Mind you, it ’s simply mind-blogging

As I’ve said, some do it for pleasure , while many do it for money. You can engage in this self-indulgence at any time of the day or at any hour of night; out in the open or in the privacy of your own den.  You can blog-out till you drop!

Bloggers and bloggies,  get it all out. Expose your thoughts and bare your souls. Let’s blog out with wild abandon. Do it whatever styles you desire and as long as you can. I’m here with my hard-hitting blog yearning to intercourse with you.

If you’re feeling bloggy, jump right in and blog your heads off!